Welcome! Moving Mountains Massage provides professional chair and table massage in Boulder County, Colorado. Our specialties include: integrative massage, specific injury treatment, deep tissue, sports massage, Shiatsu, energy work, prenatal and postpartum recovery. Please let us know if you have questions and how we can help you.

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chair massage

Chair Massage Chair massage is an excellent way to get a tune up while not having the formality of a table massage session. It is often conducted in public settings such as a café or in an office, on a special massage “chair” and it allows the therapist to target specific or chronic areas of tension or pain. It is also a great way to slow down, de-stress and take stock of how your body is actually doing for a few minutes during a busy day. Anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour can leave you refreshed, looser and ready to face the rest of the day! Our chair massage therapists are available for special events and corporate settings.

deep tissue

Deep Tissue Deep tissue massage focuses on the muscles underneath the surface of the superficial muscles. Deep tissue pressure aims to relieve tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This modality is particularly helpful for people who experience consistent pain, athletes and patients who have sustained physical injury. Deep tissue massage is also useful for people who have high thresholds for tension. It can cause temporary soreness afterward.

sports massage

Sports Massage Athletes can benefit tremendously from regular massage. Runners may struggle with tight or sore hamstrings, knees, legs and low-back. Tennis players may work with sore hands, forearms and shoulders. Even for average gym workouts with cardio and/or weight training, massage encourages the recovery process between all athletic endeavors. It can help you feel stress-free and ready for your next session!


Prenatal/Postpartum Pregnancy can bring on a range of new and interesting things in the body, with waves of hormones and a growing baby. Massage can help treat some of the unpleasant things that may come along, including sciatica, hip and knee tension, tired, aching feet, lower back and shoulder stress. Compassionate prenatal massage can also help open up and relax areas that you didn’t realize were tense, along with providing an overall sense of relief and well-being. This is a wonderful time to pamper yourself! Massage can also help in postpartum recovery, from easing swelling in the ankles and legs, to helping the body let go of tension from delivery.

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Our Clients Say it Best
  • Jesse's strong, smooth, soothing massages both refresh my body and calm my spirit. He has that big quiet presence, like a mountain, and his massage style incorporates both energetic and trigger point release elements along with deep, strong massage movements that are not too intense but just right. An important touchstone in my week where I take care of myself and feel my body rejuvenating–Tad Hanna 11/29/2014

  •  Jesse is the best. A caring, compassionate healer. With a gift for tapping into the source... the source of pain and also wellness. His ability to shift the darkest energy into light has given me the gift of hope time and time again.Thank you for doing what you do!–Lauren Malafouris 11/28/2014

  • have been so pleased with the results I have received from the healing hands of Jesse. He seems to sense what needs treatment BEFORE I even know it! I am so happy we met and thankful for him.–Mikki Rainey 11/05/2014

  • Jesse has been helping me recover from a whiplash injury and his massage have been both healing and therapeutic. Highly recommended!–John C. 11/19/2012

  • Jesse Locke is a great massage therapist.  I highly recommend him .  I have know him and his work for 9 years. You will be very happy with his work. I guarantee it. I recommend him to anyone looking for a serious and complete massage even if it is a mild day or an intense day. Jesse is a great person and a great family person.  I have taken my daughter and friends there for 9 years --- that is how much I trust him. –Jackie L. Aspen, CO 11/16/2013

  • The Jesse Locke and Moving Mountains experience have been life changing for me.  I've been going to Jesse for a number of months now on a regular basis and it's been  relaxing and healing.  I tell my husband that I'm leaving for a spa treatment! It's that good! Jesse has strong hands, is an educated healer, and can help you get out of the knots life has tied you into.–Una M. Boulder, CO 11/14/2013

  • Jesse has been great for my mid back problems! He has strong hands really knows how to get in the muscles and knots.  Too much sitting at the desk? To much staring at a computer? Jessie will help you get rid of those pains.–Berndt S. Boulder, CO 11/16/2013

  • Whether your an athlete or just needing relaxation, Jessie will take great care of you. He's very professional and I always leave feeling much better than when I walked in. Jessie is very knowledgeable on human musculature, he's even figured out the root of some of my muscle aches and pains and fixed them. My boyfriend is a competitive athlete and Jessie is the only massage therapist that has been strong enough and knowledgeable enough to really get in there and provide relief for him. Jessie listens too, he won't just fall into a routine and give you a typical massage, he will tailor it to what's ailing you. We both highly recommend Jessie and will never waste time with another masseuse again. Jessie is the best, you will not be disappointed!!–Katie K. Denver, CO 11/25/2013

  • Jesse is a fabulous masseuse. He has strong hands yet a gentle touch. He is a very kind, gentle man who is compassionate and loving and it shows through his work. You will feel comfortable instantly with Jesse, he is warm and the consummate professional.–KJ M.Boulder, CO 11/24/2013

  • Jesse is soo mindful in his massage and can actually listen to the body to detect where my stagnation is causing me pain. When he finds those points, its always a confirmation for me that I am working with the right bodyworker. He is strong but gentle when you need him to be. And the integrity of his work is why I always come back.–Jennifer Blair Boulder, CO 03/22/2012

  • I have hired Jesse as a massage therapist on many occasions over the past six years. He is highly skilled and intuitive in his work. He listens carefully and adjusts his massage technique to fit my needs and my requests. He works with a great deal of focus and does not engage in chit chat during a massage session-- which I really like. I highly recommend him to any one looking for professional and powerfully therapeutic massage.–Mark Wilding 03/05/2012